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Vendor-Agnostic Cloud Consulting

We offer a suite of cloud consultation services designed to help you build and adopt multi-cloud architectures that are enterprise-ready. Our team of analysts and consultants can assist you in developing your cloud strategy, selecting platforms, designing and deploying your cloud framework, or optimizing your operations.

Assessment Services


Planning and executing a successful and timely cloud migration requires an understanding of your compliance requirements, cloud costs, and application dependencies. Discover critical infrastructure, application, and cost information for your cloud journey. 

Automating and Orchestrating


The evolution of multi-cloud architectures continues to provide organizations with greater flexibility on how and where they can move and scale workloads. Portability is an essential component. A containerized deployment enables automated and standardized deployment of applications across public and private clouds. Testing, validating, and releasing has never been simpler. Our design, build, and deployment services can be customized to your specific needs.

Design and Deployment


For a multi-cloud strategy to succeed, a properly designed public cloud architecture is a must, as well as the ability to connect your data center to the public cloud and address security, connectivity, and management concerns.

A true multi-cloud architecture can be achieved with UpTime365 architect and design services. We offer scalable, compliant, and secure solutions that help you to build a cloud infrastructure and automate the deployment of your business applications.

Optimizing and Managing


Are you already using the cloud? We offer cost optimization services for public clouds to help you optimize your spending and compliance. The process of keeping cloud-based workloads compliant can be complicated. It can be challenging to manage costs and spend across multiple cloud providers. We provide insights into your public cloud expenditure and identify opportunities for optimization, and compliance.



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