Government Contracting

UpTime365 offers highly adaptive cybersecurity and IT services to governments and publics agencies globally. 



UpTime365 is a prime contractor for over $60M in cybersecurity related projects. We position ourselves at the forefront of solving information assurance challenges for Governments and Public Agencies. Our Information Assurance teams are always ready to protect warfighters and civilian clients from cyber intrusions; ensure risks are understood and mitigated; and protect millions of Privately Identifiable Information (PII) records. Our teams understand the business of an organization, and fully support leadership in making risk-based decisions and investments. Our technology agnostic approach empowers Government and Public Agencies to choose the best tools for their environment, and to support business use case development for cyber security architecture.

Cyber Hunt

UpTime365 provides expert forensics support to conduct deep-dive malware analysis. We employ senior analysts who use both classified and open source threat intelligence and tailor the information to specific departments to proactively mitigate attacks. Our personnel are familiar with technique, tactics, and procedures used by all three generations of operational threats.

Incident Response

UpTime365 provides 24/7/365 security operations capabilities for incident response and enterprise monitoring. Our teams provide command and control and leverage play-books to isolate and mitigate threats to government networks and mission systems. 

Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

Our cybersecurity consultants have the ability to establish quantitative risk management frameworks that align with NIST, OMB and Presidential Directives, as well as with the specific goals of the organization.

Penetration Testing

Our teams perform penetration testing, vulnerability assessments and enterprise scanning to identify and track vulnerabilities for mitigation.

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