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By architecting and deploying the infrastructure of the future, UpTime365 drives digital transformation for your business. Through our approach and methodology, we will leverage existing investments and evolve the enterprise network with support for cloud services, Internet of Things (IoT) deployments, security platforms, and software-defined solutions.

Enterprise Networking

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It is essential for enterprise IT departments to build architectures that are more agile and secure. Having these next-generation networks in place is critical for organizations that want to control operational expenses while also leveraging emerging technology.

By defining a practical roadmap, UpTime365 helps you to maximize the benefits of your network. We develop a roadmap which outlines the steps we take to transform infrastructure into a dynamic tool for driving business performance.

Software-Defined WAN


Looking to integrate with the cloud, utilize mobility, or leverage the internet of things (IoT)?

It can be challenging to use a traditional wide area network (WAN) for this purpose. As WANs become more sophisticated, they are more difficult to modify and secure.

By converting your traditional WAN into an agile software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), we can help you stay competitive. Through orchestrating the WAN with software, we enable load balancing and application-aware behaviors throughout your network. By enabling these changes, you are able to route traffic across specific physical transport links, lower costs, and maximize multisite resource utilization. 

Wireless and Mobility


The switchover to 5G and Wi-Fi 6 is set to boost up to 20 billion additional devices. Want to know how you can make internal resources available while keeping their network secure and accessible? With the proliferation of mobile devices and wireless technology, UpTime365 understands the challenges. We architect next-generation networks that organizations need to deliver high-speed connectivity to every endpoint.

Managed Infrastructure Services

managed it services

You can elevate IT, drive employee engagement, and maximize productivity by leveraging UpTime365 to monitor, map, and manage a wide range of technologies: on premise and in the cloud. The ability to better align IT with your business objectives will lead to faster problem resolution, better risk management, and improved operational efficiency. We offer consumption-based cost models that help you meet cyclical business demands and reduce capital expenditures when needed.



Hyper Converged Infrastructure: Why Businesses Across Industries are Consolidating

By combining multiple infrastructure silos into a single entity, virtualization enables improved resource efficiency. Bringing together these silos into one software-defined and integrated system enables organizations to realize Hyper Converged infrastructure (HCI).



What Every Business Leader  Needs To Know About SD-WAN

SD-WAN can cut costs, improve employee productivity and enhance the quality of service in IT. Learn how organizations are using SD-WAN to align their technology with their business objectives and growth strategies.



What is Enterprise Mobility and Why is it Important for your Business?

Organizations are increasingly leveraging enterprise mobility to make use of the cloud for data access, provide remote working options, and allow employees to securely work from personal laptops and mobile devices.

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