Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment

Having a clear understanding of your business's cybersecurity posture reduces your financial risk.

Your cybersecurity posture is equivalent to your financial risk

Today, cybercrime is so prevalent and complex that it can no longer be viewed as a technology issue for IT - it's a boardroom issue. Cybersecurity oversight is the responsibility of the board and senior executives - given the repercussions of potential job loss or personal lawsuits. 

Cyber insurance provides another layer of protection that reduces the financial risks associated with such incidents. 

While you may worry about the cybersecurity risks that your partners and vendors may cause to your business, your customers are concerned about the risks you may introduce to them. In order to give your business a competitive edge, it is important to be able to easily demonstrate your good practices and benchmark your cybersecurity posture with those of your competitors.

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Provide insurers with proof points

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As cyber-readiness becomes a necessity for organizations, underwriters continue to struggle with determining the appropriate insurance premiums. By actively understanding and addressing your organization's security posture, you can demonstrate strategies to mitigate risk and secure your digital assets.

UpTime365 offers a reliable assessment of your cybersecurity posture to guide you and your insurer in reaching a fair premium agreement. As we continue to manage your data security issues over time, we help you to measure and mitigate them, and provide your insurers with the proof points they need to adjust your premiums.

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