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What Every Business Leader Needs to Know About the Cloud

As business continues its shift to digital landscapes, it's become apparent that cloud computing is a critical investment for business owners. Here's why.

When computers first hit the market, they revolutionized the way we work. We could do more in less time and had access to infinite resources. We rely on computers for our every business need. 

Cloud computing is the next step in that revolutionary process. With it, your company can get a step ahead of your competitors. We want to help you in that process. 

We're here to help you understand everything you need to know about the Cloud. From the difference between private clouds and public clouds to how they can help you reduce your carbon footprint, we've got your back. Read on to learn about all the benefits of using a cloud computing system.

A Private Cloud vs a Public Cloud

Before diving into specifics, there are two main types of cloud services you should be aware of when looking into a cloud computing program. 

Public Cloud

Public clouds allow users to access data over the internet. This style of service works on a large scale so more people can access them at once. If one person needs to use more resources than another, a public cloud can accommodate that. 

Public clouds use the publicly accessed internet for data, which means anyone can use it. They don't have to be part of a specific network. If you do use this type of network, it can be harder to protect confidential information. 

A third party owns each server, and they do have their own levels of security to offer data protection. VPNs can also add an extra level of protection to your data. 

One example of a public cloud is a service like Gmail and Google Drive by Google. While each person has their own account, it functions off of a larger, public server. 

Netflix is another example of a public server. They have all their content stored on a public cloud so that any user account can access it. This also allows them to adjust their servers for user spikes. 

Private Cloud

Private clouds also allow users from any location to access data with ease. Scaling up or down is easy. And a private cloud is as easy to use as a public cloud.

What makes a private cloud different from a public cloud is the level of access users have. Private servers have more control over who can access data because it uses security measures like firewalls. Firewalls prevent people who shouldn't access your data from accessing it. 

Working with on-demand computing services can help you customize a private cloud to fit your company. This allows you to have as big of a server as you need without the security risks of a public server. 

Large-scale private servers can cost more, but they can be worth it when it comes to data protection and storage. This cloud will be specific to you and your company. No one can use it without first having access granted to them.  

Cost Reduction

When upgrading technology, an important thing to think about is: how will this affect my bottom line? Upgrading to a cloud computing service can help reduce costs for both you and your business. 

Rather than wasting space and money on physical equipment that can be expensive to maintain, the cloud does everything digitally. Cloud service providers deal with the maintenance of hardware in our own spaces. 

Since you aren't dealing with physical equipment, you don't have to hire anyone to maintain it for you. Our cloud service provider experts deal with any IT issue you come across as a part of your package plan. 

Another way that switching to a cloud system can reduce costs is by being able to package upgrades, software, and hardware into a single contract. You can also only pay for the amount of space you need.

You can increase that space down the road. When you add more space to your cloud, it gets added instantly. These options prevent you from paying too much for things you don't need and space you don't use. 

Keep Your Data Safe

As the internet has evolved, so has the importance of keeping your data safe. Hacking and data breaches can ruin a company's reputation, but using a cloud can prevent that from happening. 

Cloud computing services offer high-quality security tools that monitor data moving throughout the cloud. Gateways, for example, will encrypt data to prevent any outside party from reading it. Malware monitoring is also available when using a cloud system.

With the cloud, we can specify which employees get access to which data points. Limiting access can help reduce the number of ways hackers can get to your data. 

Anyone who accesses the cloud system, in general, has to have the correct authorization. Authentication software ensures that only the people you want to have access to your data will have access. 

Make Working Together Easier

We understand that working from home is becoming the new normal. Whether your team is working from the home or office, accessing data is vital to keeping things going. 

The mobility of cloud computing means data will be easy for employees to access at home and on the go. Your team can use any device to access data. This can help ensure everyone is on the same page.

Uploading, downloading, and updating files in the cloud happens instantly. This keeps productivity levels high since no one will have to wait around for a file upload. 

Easy access to files also means you can show your clients updates on their projects faster. You can get feedback and make changes sooner too. This will help lower turnaround times and increase the number of projects you can take on at once. 

Storing Data Has Never Been Simpler

We all fear that terrible notice that a system crashed. We scramble to make sure that we didn't lose any important data. With the cloud, you don't have to worry.  

The cloud has many options to recover backup data. If you have several regions or servers, you can pull data from those servers to recover what you lost.

If a program crashed while using it, you can pull the most recent version of that file off the cloud server. This way, you don't have to start all over. 

Other technology issues can cause you to lose data. Damaged computer equipment and power malfunctions are all examples of this.

Having everything stored in the cloud while you work means you don't have to worry when these things happen. Saving your data on the cloud means any device can access it without complication. 

Create a Greener Company 

Consumers care about the environment. They want to work with companies that care about their carbon footprint. Switching to cloud computing can help reduce your carbon footprint and make you appeal to the green consumer. 

Cloud computing services like ours use a large-scale facility to manage your data. Since we have a larger facility, we can use the most efficient servers,  can easily manage power. We can also reduce the amount of energy used to maintain data. 

Moving Locations is Easy 

If your business ever has to relocate, moving data stored with onsite hardware can be difficult. Expensive moving costs can make the move harder than it needs to be. 

When you use the cloud, you don't have to move anything. All of your data is safely stored and can be easily accessed from any location. All you have to do is re-login into your systems. 

Digital storage also removes the fear that if something happens to your hardware in the move, you could lose information. 

Easy Updates

Software updates can happen at the drop of a hat. To stay ahead of the curve, you need all your technology to be up to date. Updating your cloud is as easy as downloading a software update on your phone! 

Cloud service providers like us will update your software automatically. We don't disrupt your workflow either. This will keep the security of your cloud as secure as possible. 

Automatic updates also mean you don't have to worry about checking for software updates. This reduces your workload and keeps every member of your team running the latest software. These updates can also increase computer processing power. 

Let Us Find the Right Cloud for You

When upgrading to a cloud computing system, it's important to pick a reliable cloud computing service. Picking a great service can maximize your productivity and take the worry out of a cloud system. 

We at UpTime365 have a knowledgeable team of experts that will help you figure out what cloud system is best for you. Whether it's a public cloud or a private cloud, we know both.

We will assess your workflow to determine how big of a system you need. We make sure you understand every step of the process. Let us be your trusted partner when it comes to a secure cloud computing service. Contact us today to get an assessment of which type of service is best for you.

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