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While signature matching remains a critically important tool, more advanced techniques are available for detecting zero-day threats before they have a chance to do any damage or infect any victims. One common technique is sandboxing, or sandbox analysis, in which suspicious emails and files can be "detonated" in an isolated test environment to make sure they are safe before they reach your network.
Unfortunately, sandboxing is relatively resource-intensive and time-consuming. Running all traffic through sandbox analysis is impractical. A more successful and workable approach is to use Artificial Intelligence to pre-filter traffic, so that only a very small percentage of files are analyzed in a sandbox environment.
Join us for this free Executive Webinar on Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Eliminate Zero-Day Threats in your Organization.

Learn How To Use Artificial Intelligence To:

  • Visualize and correlate relevant information to investigate security incidents - with no coding skills.

  • Replay an incident to understand how it unfolded.

  • Access a high-level summary of top threats and suspicious events for rapid triage.

  • Generate an executive-level summary of high-priority threats with one click.

  • Enable and access a simplified dashboard triage screen with your smart phone.

  • And so much more.

Who Should Attend: Key Information Technology decision makers and c-level executives.​

Delivery: Live - Online

Fee: Free

Duration: 45 minutes

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