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Cyber Risk Management & Consulting

Our risk-based approach to cybersecurity helps identify and mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and improve your security posture. UpTime365 offers strategic, actionable plans that address your current business needs and positions your organization for growth.

Cyber Risk Advisory Services


Our Cyber Advisory team focuses on the most critical issues and opportunities within governance, risk management, compliance, privacy, cyber security strategy, security operations, security and technology road maps, digital transformation, and mergers & acquisitions across industries. Our business assessment and consulting services provide you with strategic, actionable plans that address your current business needs by positioning your organization for growth. 


Assessment Services

This is a cost-effective and efficient way of understanding your IT infrastructure and improving its performance, reliability, and security. Learn more


Compliance Services

Comply with regulatory requirements such as CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA or PCI-DSS, assess risk, and take advantage of virtual CISO services. Learn more

Managed Security Services


By extending the reach of your security team, UpTime365 Managed Security Services keep your critical resources focused on mission-critical tasks. Using specialized staff and powerful solutions, you can assess, protect, and meet compliance requirements and free up your human resources to focus on other mission-critical tasks. 

cloud computing


How to use the NIST Framework to Secure your Cloud

Using cloud services such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud together with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework can improve your cloud security posture. Here's how it works best for the cloud.



Could Your Backups Survive A Ransomware Attack?

According to the FBI more than

$20 billion was sent to hackers in 2020, despite the fact that all of the target businesses had backups that could be reverted without paying any money. Do backups really help in ransomware incidents?



What are SOAR and SIEM and how can they Improve your Cybersecurity Operations?

SOAR and SIEM differ fundamentally, and getting the most value from these two technologies is crucial to the success of your cyber security operations.

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